C&I Midstream Lighting Energy Efficiency Program – Program Lead


Job Description:

To support our ongoing operations in the Southeast Pennsylvania market we are seeking a seasoned professional to provide project management, outreach, implementation, and technical support for commercial & industrial energy efficiency programs focused on local, regional and national midstream market channels with a specific focus towards the lighting midstream market. In this role you will oversee the execution, optimization and evaluation of a C&I midstream lighting program with all key stakeholders and team members; contract activities and quality deliverables; management of budgets and project schedules; and coordination with a team of energy efficiency experts. You will also contribute to the development of program design strategies and implementation plans; development and execution of outreach strategies; development of promotional plans; quality control measures; and building, development, and maintenance of relationships with key organizations, specifically in the distributor and manufacturer sectors. Program management responsibilities include Distributor participant management, in-person training and technical support, achieving sales objectives, reporting and ongoing program optimization in order to achieve desired results.                                                                                                         

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop relationships and partnerships with major local, regional and national distributors, suppliers and manufacturers through in-person and virtual interactions
  • Engage distributors through the application process and assist through the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Process
  • Align marketing, promotional, and merchandising activities for energy efficient lighting products in the Southeast Pennsylvania market
  • Goal achievement (sales in energy efficient lighting)
  • In-person and virtual Sales and Technical training support
  • Effective project and budget management
  • Analyzing market trends and technologies to optimize existing midstream programs
  • Reporting of results to client

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or 5+ years related experience in C&I energy efficiency program implementation and/or lighting distributor operations
  • Extensive experience with midstream and upstream energy efficiency programs
  • Advanced skills in the following areas: organization, flexibility, financial and time management, analysis, stakeholder collaboration and outreach, marketing planning and execution, event management, written and verbal communications


  • Corporate level knowledge of lighting equipment suppliers
  • Sales, Project management, outreach, negotiation, implementation and technical support, and partnership development in a changing and fast-paced environment
  • In-depth knowledge of lighting technologies and their manufacturers
  • Marketing experience in an active supplier-focused market

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