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Job Summary

Responsible for energy management and conservation strategies for Comcast technical facilities and network operations, including developing comprehensive energy strategies, establishing sustainable programs, improving existing procedures to enhance efficiency, and developing models for leveraging cleaner forms of energy. Responsible for acting as the subject matter expert and primary point person for technical facility and network energy management operations enterprise wide. Abstracting and applying innovative, technically-sound, cost/energy-effective and safe engineering solutions for technical facility design and engineering that reduces costs while maintaining or improving quality, reliability, or maintainability. Directs and develops long-term objectives and plans related to the company’s technical vision, and provides technical leadership in delivering design, audit and advisory services to maximize energy efficiency of the company’s technical facilities and network components. Provides innovative solutions for complex energy engineering problems that influence industry and company standards. The Critical Infrastructure (CI) Energy Engineer will work in collaboration with partners across the Comcast enterprise to design, develop, or evaluate energy-related projects or programs to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency during the design, build, remodel and operate stages of mission critical facility management. May specialize in electrical systems; heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; green buildings; lighting; air quality; or specialize in network equipment including ISP and OSP applications. Employees at all levels are expect to: – Understand our Operating Principles; make them the guidelines for how you do your job – Own the customer experience – think and act in ways that put our customers first, give them seamless digital options at every touchpoint, and make them promoters of our products and services – Know your stuff – be enthusiastic learners, users and advocates of our game-changing technology, products and services, especially our digital tools and experiences – Win as a team – make big things happen by working together and being open to new ideas – Be an active part of the Net Promoter System – a way of working that brings more employee and customer feedback into the company – by joining huddles, making call backs and helping us elevate opportunities to do better for our customers – Drive results and growth – Respect and promote inclusion and diversity – Do what’ s right for each other, our customers, investors and our communities

Job Description

Core Responsibilities

  • Implement technical vision and strategies related to Energy Management in Comcast Technical Facilities, including design, engineering, construction, and major improvements to critical infrastructure elements, as well as evaluate, baseline and measure network delivery platforms and architectures to advise on the most energy efficient solutions.
  • Conduct energy audits to evaluate energy use, costs, or conservation measures, analyze energy data to identify energy savings opportunities, deconstruct complex problems into straightforward, actionable and measurable solutions, make recommendations to achieve more energy efficient operations, and initiate, lead and implement projects with widespread impact on innovative and sustainable design.
  • Manage and analyze large data sets through query language; develop advanced energy savings calculations, economic analyses, create and publish financial business case analysis recommending technical design and/or process changes to improve efficiency, quality or performance.
  • Create models of engineering designs or methods; analyze, interpret, and create graphical representations of energy data.
  • Establish defined energy efficiency measures for Technical Facility Operations, apply expert Energy Management methodologies, perform complex business case analysis to justify technical decisions, and present the justification to senior management.
  • Measure and demonstrate how changes in the facility operations and/or access network service impact energy consumption from both a high-level and a functional operations perspective to drive operational, financial and environmental performance for edge and core facilities.
  • Manage the development, design, or construction of energy conservation projects to ensure acceptability of budgets and timelines, conformance to federal and state laws, and adherence to approved specifications.
  • Research and collect data on renewables, alternative energy systems, new technologies and industry best practices to determine fit, feasibility, cost and incentive programs available to Comcast Technical Facility operations.
  • Keep well-informed of industry trends and important emerging technologies and consult on internal projects and initiatives, researching and recommending leading-edge-technology solutions and evolving business models.
  • Collaborate and partner with other business groups such as Division Leadership, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities to benchmark energy usage, set goals and priorities, monitor and verify energy progress, and identify potential areas for improvement.  Make energy data and relevant information available to regional managers, energy managers, capacity managers, operation centers and other key stakeholders.
  • Define and implement one or more panels of subject matter experts from among the Divisions to implement cross-functional knowledge sharing, cultivate and broaden the concept of Energy Management, collaboratively develop and implement standards and enforce rigorous process and control protocols that provide governance, protection and guidance on Defined Energy Measures and Energy Conservation Strategies.
  • Collaborate with vendors to develop, design and lab test conceptual solutions for a wide range of operating environments to determine suitability of new and emerging technologies.  Recognize and plan for future technical challenges associated with the pace of evolution of key industry products and elements.  Author and co-author journal articles, white papers and marketing pieces.
  • Maintain and host technical meetings to provide a collaborative environment for development of energy conservation strategies for Technical Facility operations.  Consult with business partners and other engineers on topics such as precision cooling systems, energy modeling, data logging, energy management control systems, lighting or daylighting design, sustainable design, and energy auditing.  Advise others regarding green practices or environmental concerns.
  • Work closely with utility billing data and realtime monitoring to gather and analyze information on energy consumption, designs, plans to reduce energy costs, increase energy efficiency and lower business risks.
  • Partner with Strategic Procurement/Sourcing and energy providers (regulated and deregulated states) regarding energy purchasing and reporting, and participate in negotiation of energy purchase agreements, material, equipment or other resources.
  • Develop, maintain and host educational and training programs to raise awareness of energy management strategies for mission critical system engineering solutions and services, including presentations, newsletters, lunch-and-learns and electrical forums to educate project managers, contractors, regional personnel and other relevant stakeholders, promote awareness or use of alternative or renewable energy sources.
  • Review architectural, mechanical, or electrical plans, design calculations and specifications to evaluate energy efficiency, and determine engineering feasibility, technological and environmental implications.
  • Provide input on design or construction aspects related to energy such as energy engineering, energy management, and sustainable design.  May conduct jobsite observations, field inspections, to evaluate data collection for energy conservation analyses
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree

Relevant Work Experience

7-10 Years

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