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About PowerCorpsPHL

Launched in September 2013, PowerCorpsPHL is a City of Philadelphia AmeriCorps initiative. Operated in partnership with EducationWorks, PowerCorpsPHL engages Opportunity Youth in transforming their lives through service. PowerCorpsPHL enrolls members in full-time AmeriCorps service for 4-24 months with City departments to tackle pressing environmental challenges, including the need for improved stormwater management, increased tree coverage, and revitalized public land. Through a rigorous combination of service and training, corps members develop and practice essential 21st Century workforce skills, including time management, conflict resolution, accountability, teamwork, leadership, and network building. As PowerCorpsPHL alumni, individuals receive the customized support they need to secure career-track employment, pursue post-secondary education, and/or enroll in additional national service.

Position Overview

The Workforce Development Advisor is responsible for the execution of the system that prepares corps members in their for success and advancement in employment, post-secondary education, and national service. The Workforce Development Advisor will support corps members from enrollment through transition to next career steps. The Workforce Development Advisor reports to the Assistant Director of Workforce Development.

Essential Functions The Workforce Development Advisor will:

• Work on a team to support a cohort of 30-40 corps members to successfully transition to employment, post secondary education, or national service after PowerCorpsPHL. Duties include the following:

  • Play a lead role in designing and facilitating work readiness training for corps members and alumni
  • Individually provide career counseling and support with soft skills development, resume writing, and interview preparation o Assess corps members’ job readiness skills and develop a mutually agreed upon individualized employment and training plans (including career pathway exploration and goal setting)
  • Perform regularly scheduled check in visits with corps members at work sites
  •  Support the development and delivery of professional development panels and workshops for members o Support the curriculum development for second term corps members (including implementation of curriculum in a variety of settings – i.e. trainings days, service days, etc. o Evaluate performance of corps members and organizational service partners throughout initial 4-month cohort

 Collaborate with the whole Workforce Development team to:

  • Develop and facilitate career-connected training for corps members and alumni o develop and implement best practices guides
  •  Make data driven programing decisions
  • Communicate and document corps member, goals, services utilized, and outcomes
  • Work with staff to deliver consistent career connected messaging to members
  • Contribute to program monthly and quarterly reports
  • Support in logistical planning of training days, service opportunities, and career exploration activities
  •  Verify and approve corps member timesheets
  • Attend supervision with the AD of Workforce Development to discuss specific member transitions and best practices
  • Attend bi-weekly Workforce Development team meetings and bi-weekly PowerCorpsPHL staff meetings
  •  Attend staff professional development trainings
Required Qualifications

Education, Experience & Skills Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree prefered with a minimum of two years’ experience with high risk populations
  • Drivers License Prefered
  • Ability to establish and foster relationships with cross sector partners and to work as a part of a collaborative team
  • Minimum one-year experience in career counseling, education, or workforce development
  • Experience with database management, and recording and tracking of data
  • Excellent self-direction and the ability to take ownership and drive responsibilities through to completion
  • Familiarity with social service resources and providers, a plus
  • Familiarity with post-secondary education resources and providers, a plus
  • Strong oral and written presentation skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and cross-cultural issues
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Successful completion of background checks (PA state criminal, Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse, National Sex Offender Public Registry, and F.B.I. fingerprinting)

Core Competencies Caring Relationships

  • Motivate and lead program staff to work collaboratively perform with excellence
  • Establish and foster, with diverse partners, positive relationships and open, informative and effective communication
  • Demonstrate high level of enthusiasm for and ability to convey the PowerCorpsPHL mission to internal and external stakeholders in a clear and compelling manner
  • Exercise sound judgment Professionalism and Professional Development
  • Self-direct and assume full ownership over responsibilities
  • Set clear direction and accountability for staff while offering opportunities to share resources, obtain professional development and advancement to reach goals and objectives
  • Provide clear communication and high level of organization to all staff; including sound written and oral communication skills
  • Present strong problem-solving processes
  • Commit to professional development to advance skill growth of serving urban youth Cultural Competence and Inclusion
  • Promote inclusive behaviors and practices and equity among staff; setting high standard for open dialogue and problem solving Adolescent Development and Empowerment
  • Commit to the advancement of urban youth; including staff development Program Management
  • Evaluate program effectiveness and build capacity to develop systems and align resources to optimize success • Develop relationships and plans to advance the goals of the PowerCorpsPHL program

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