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PEA Launches Solarize Philly

Photo: Philadelphia City Council

Yesterday morning, the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) held a press conference on the roof of the Philadelphia Free Library to launch Solarize Philly. Speakers included Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Councilman Derek Green, Tony Gay (VP, PECO), Commissioner David Sweet from the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission, Adam Agalloco from the Philadelphia Office of Sustainability, and PEA Executive Director Emily Schapira and Solar Manager Laura Rigell. Thank you to all who spoke and attended.

Emily Schapira introduced the new program: “Solarize Philly is a citywide initiative designed to jump start the residential solar market and make it easy and affordable to go solar at home. Solarize Philly will add 500 solar roofs in Philadelphia by the end of 2018.” Supporting remarks from the Councilmembers, Tony Gay, Commissioner Sweet, and Adam Agalloco cited job growth and a greener future for Philadelphians as program goals.

Emily Schapira, Philadelphia Energy Authority Executive Director and Commissioner David Sweet from the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission. Photo courtesy: Philadelphia City Council

Laura Rigell relayed the details of the Solarize Philly program: “The solarize model allows a group of homeowners to install solar together at a reduced price. The more homeowners that join, the lower the cost for all participants… With seed funding from the Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, we have expanded upon the traditional solarize model by building in support for solar job training and enabling low and moderate income households to get solar on their rooftops.”

PEA also released an RFP for solar installers to partake in Solarize Philly.  More information on the RFP is available here.

If you are interested in installing solar on your roof, sign up here.

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