Mission, Values and Goals


PEA aims to drive and support the development of long term energy projects, policy and educational programs in Philadelphia.


  • Focus – Our work aims to add value in areas that are not currently being addressed.
  • Collaboration – We connect organizations and resources to expand their potential.
  • Impact – We are committed to delivering tangible results.
  • Transparency – We aim to openly share our understanding of possibilities and constraints.

Goals and Objectives FY2018

  1. Support and develop energy efficiency and clean energy projects in partnership with City agencies, specifically focusing on the Philadelphia Museum of Art, LED streetlighting, Flat Rock Dam, and other upcoming renewables and efficiency projects.
  2. Support the School District in efficiency and solar pilot projects and long-term energy-focused capital planning.
  3. Develop, support, and drive residential energy programs, including multi-family affordable housing pilot project, City Council Housing Preservation program, PHA’s energy performance contract, our new Water and Sewer Line insurance program, and single-family voluntary green workforce housing efforts.
  4. Implement Solarize Philly campaign, to support homeowners to install solar on their rooftops, with a goal of 500 solar homes by October 2018.
  5. Launch the second phase of the small business energy efficiency pilot and complete evaluation of first phase.
  6. Create and track 1,000 jobs, focus on strategic workforce development efforts including but not limited to solar installation training, and develop and support opportunities for diversity and inclusion in contracting.
  7. Assist City leadership in understanding complex energy issues by serving as an unbiased advisor. Facilitate dialogue with and engage key stakeholders from both public and private sectors on energy projects and key issues.