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In 2010, City Council and Mayor Michael Nutter formed the Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) as an independent municipal authority focused on energy affordability and sustainability. Under its founding ordinance, amended in 2018, PEA is authorized for the following purposes.

“SECTION 1.  The municipal authorities of the City of Philadelphia are authorized to organize an Authority pursuant to the Municipality Authorities Act, 53 Pa. C.S. § 5601 et seq. (the “Act”). The Authority’s purposes and responsibilities shall be limited to actions for and concerning

(i) the development, facilitation and/or financing of energy storage and/or generation projects,

(ii) the development, facilitation and/or financing of energy efficiency projects,

(iii) the purchase or facilitation of energy supply and energy services on behalf of the City of Philadelphia, government agencies, institutions and businesses, as well as the education of consumers regarding choices available in the marketplace, and

(iv) the promotion of a vital clean energy sector of the Philadelphia economy and increased employment in the sector by undertaking efforts to strengthen the markets for energy efficiency and energy storage and generation projects.

The Authority shall have and may exercise all of the powers set forth in the Act that are necessary or convenient for carrying out its purposes and responsibilities.”

In February 2016, PEA launched its first major initiative with the leadership of City Council President Darrell L. Clarke. The Philadelphia Energy Campaign will invest $1 billion in energy efficiency and clean energy projects over the next 10 years. PEA’s latest progress report demonstrated over $380 million in projects facilitated and nearly 3,275 jobs created so far in the Energy Campaign.

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