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About Solarize Philly

At the end of 2023, PEA has seen over 50,000 households sign-up with interest in the program. Property owners who sign up for Solarize Philly receive a free solar project proposal. Proposals are designed based on property owner’s electricity consumption and roof space with the intention of maximizing energy savings. PEA negotiated below-market prices by obtaining group discounts from installers and equipment distributors. PEA ensures that the selected installers are reputable, contracts are standardized with key consumer protections, and the equipment is high quality with appropriate warranties. This program partners with the Philadelphia Green Capital Corp which uses public and private investment to scale and amplify PEA’s work through innovative financing tools. Find out more about PGCC’s work at


Solar Savings Grant Program

Part of PEA’s core mission includes making clean energy and energy efficiency technologies more accessible and affordable to all citizens of Philadelphia. In 2020, PEA’s Solar Savings Grant Program supported low- and moderate-income households to participate in Solarize Philly. PEA provided a grant for a portion of the project cost and participants could finance the remainder of the cost and start saving from Year 1.

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Philadelphia Solar Rebate

The Philadelphia Solar Rebate is an incentive program that encourages property owners to install solar photovoltaic systems in Philadelphia. This one-time incentive payment will be issued by the City after the solar project has been installed and has received Permission to Operate from PECO. The rebate is based on the DC system size of the solar project. Rebate offers savings of $0.20 per watt for residential projects and $0.10 per watt for commercial projects.

Philadelphia City Council and Mayor Kenney established the rebate in 2019 to take action on climate change and drive local economic development. More information on eligibility and how to apply is available at the program website, linked below.

The rebate is currently inactive after funds were rerouted in the emergency COVID budget, but PEA will be issuing the rebate to folks who have signed up as soon as funding becomes available, so we encourage you to apply once your panels are installed.

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