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Interest in Built to Last

Please complete the form below to indicate your interest in participating in the Built to Last program.

To participate in Built to Last, you must:

  1. Own and occupy your home. This home is the only property you own.
  2. Meet the Income Guidelines listed below:
  3. Be current on your property taxes and water bill or be in a payment agreement with the city.
  4. Plan to remain in your home for at least three years after repairs are completed.


Processing Your Application

If you meet these requirements, you will be contacted by a case manager to collect additional information and documentation to get you fully enrolled in Built to Last. We will need to collect documentation such as proof of income.

After you complete your application, you will be scheduled for a home assessment to find improvements that may include basic systems repairs, health and safety improvements, energy and utility saving repairs, and rooftop solar. We will then coordinate the home improvement work with the program partners.

All records and information collected as part of Built to Last will be shared with program partners so that we can deliver these coordinated home improvement services.

The Philadelphia Energy Authority is working to quickly grow Built to Last to serve more Philadelphians. Right now, due to high demand, there is a wait to begin intake.

We have begun to contact individuals who applied to join the wait list in May of 2023. Homeowners who applied after that time should expect a wait of at least a year. Anyone who applied earlier than that but has not heard from us should contact our office.

The Built to Last Program

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA), with the leadership of Councilmember Derek Green and a core group of coalition partners and advocates, is rethinking how Philadelphia can improve housing for low-income homeowners.

PEA is acting as an administrative backbone to allow housing programs to layer and streamline their services, and will add construction management services, additional grants and financing as needed. Built to Last seeks to restore the safety, health, affordability and comfort of existing affordable housing in a way that improves the long-term quality of Philadelphia’s housing, builds community wealth, and helps families avoid displacement and stay in their homes.

PEA began its first pilot in late 2021 to serve its first 50 homes and began its second phase of 50 homes in early 2023.

For each phase, PEA will work with low-income homeowners who are living in neighborhoods with high poverty rates across the City of Philadelphia. PEA will assist the households with enrolling in all available benefits, evaluate their home restoration needs, and coordinate service delivery and supplemental funding.

Read the full Built to Last overview.

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