The PEA Small Business Program helps businesses save money on their utilities, replace equipment, and make their businesses more attractive to customers. The program is currently closed to new applicants while it is being redesigned.

About the Small Business Program

PEA recognizes the importance of Philadelphia’s neighborhood businesses as critical community infrastructure, and focuses on small service based businesses. Energy is a key driver of neighborhood resources and opportunity, and by focusing on neighborhoods first, we can identify cost-effective, market driven models that create jobs and stabilize businesses exactly where they’re needed most. It is critically important to reach these businesses that exist in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia, in particular in our poorest communities. These business owners are often de facto excluded from existing programs due to credit limitations, language barriers and lack of technical assistance. We will also provide some support for small manufacturers and houses of worship, particularly those who may not be able to take advantage of other programs to make energy improvements.

Pilot 2: Lime Energy/PEA Small Business Pilot

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) invites corner stores, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, auto service businesses, and laundromats  to receive energy efficient equipment upgrades.

Step 1: Free Energy Assessment

Energy assessors will visit your business to review conditions of lighting, cooking, refrigeration, heating, cooling,
ventilation, and other equipment.

Step 2: Free Energy Report

Your business will receive a list of energy efficient equipment upgrades to reduce utility costs.

Step 3: Equipment Upgrades 

Your business will be connected with an installer and provided grants, rebates, and financing to upgrade equipment.

Financial Benefits

  • Save up to 30% on your utility bills
  • Get rebates from PECO & PGW
  • Access affordable financing options
  • Automatically enroll for up to $7,000 in matching grant funds from the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Business located in Philadelphia
  • Non-franchise
  • Has a utility cost or equipment related issue


Phase 1: Penn State/PEA Small Business Pilot

In the Phase 1 pilot, PEA partnered with Penn State at the Navy Yard to assist with the launch of a program to provide energy efficient upgrades for food retail and restaurants. According to a recent Penn State/Food Trust study, these businesses often pay more in utilities than they do in rent in Philadelphia. They have high energy bills due mostly to commercial refrigeration, leaky building envelopes, inefficient HVAC and long operating hours. The pilot focused on small neighborhood based establishments. Business owners were provided a free energy assessment and grant and financing opportunities to upgrade to more energy efficient lighting, cooking equipment, HVAC, and envelope.

Phase 1 began in July 2016 and concluded April 2017. To recruit small businesses for this program, PEA established partnerships with over 30 community organizations. We were able to provide free energy assessments for 55 businesses. Several businesses are currently in the construction retrofit phase.