The municipal sector includes buildings which have their energy bills paid by the City of Philadelphia. This includes large buildings such as City administrative buildings, the Art Museum and correctional facilities, as well as the numerous smaller City facilities, maintenance sheds, health centers and others that are spread throughout our neighborhoods. Many of our libraries and recreation centers could be improved through the Mayor’s Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) initiative launched recently, and these renovations will incorporate energy improvements.


Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability (“OOS”) and Energy Office will take the leadership role in driving energy projects for City buildings. PEA will play a supporting role in project planning by providing resources, expertise, procurement support and advisory services. Listed below are the six initiatives that the Campaign will support in the Municipal Buildings sector.

Energy Master Plan for the Built Environment

OOS is developing a comprehensive energy master plan to increase energy efficiency, renewable energy generation and resiliency in municipal and private buildings throughout Philadelphia. Resiliency is the ability of the built environment to recover quickly and continue operating even when there has been an equipment failure, power outage or other disruption caused by extreme weather events or other problems. When complete, the document will serve as a business plan for the City’s energy work and provide a data-driven carbon reduction strategy.


OOS released the updated Greenworks sustainability plan on November 3, 2016. Greenworks sets the vision and priorities for OOS and other City departments. It envisions a sustainable city where all Philadelphians:

  • Have access to healthy, affordable, and sustainable food and drinking water.
  • Breathe healthy air inside and outside.
  • Efficiently use clean energy that they can afford.
  • Are prepared for climate change and reduce carbon pollution.
  • Benefit from parks, trees, stormwater management, and healthy waterways.
  • Have access to safe, affordable, and low-carbon transportation.
  • Waste less, and keep our neighborhoods clean.
  • Benefit from sustainability education, employment, and business opportunities.

Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild)

Rebuild is one of Mayor Kenney’s primary initiatives, designed to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in parks and recreation infrastructure, including in libraries and recreation centers citywide. The City’s Energy Office is providing the Rebuild planners with building standards and guidelines to incorporate energy efficiency, and continues to work closely with that team to ensure all renovations include energy improvements.

LED Streetlighting

A complete LED streetlighting conversion would have a dramatic effect on public safety across Philadelphia, in addition to reducing our energy costs and governmental carbon footprint by up to 9%. The Streets Department has been conducting LED streetlighting pilots over the last five years, finding positive impacts on energy and maintenance costs. Anecdotally, the pilots have also resulted in a reduction in crime and littering, as well as an increase in revenue to businesses along upgraded commercial corridors.

There are also positive public safety benefits associated with converting all of Philadelphia’s 110,000+ streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs. The Energy Office and Streets Departments are developing a concept for the retrofit initiative.

In the next six months, the Energy Office and PEA will continue to work with the Streets Department and PECO to facilitate the release of a Request for Information (“RFI”) to be followed by a Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for full conversion. We recommend including “dark sky compliant” fixtures and an advanced controls system that would allow for complex programming, dimming by individual fixture, and two-way communication. We encourage the Energy Office, Streets and PECO to seek an acceptable rate tariff and metering solution to optimize savings from controls.

Renewable Energy for City Government

PEA partnered with The Energy Office to release a RFI in November 2016 to solicit ideas and recommendations for installing solar photovoltaic systems (“PV”) on all municipal building roofs and available City property. The City and PEA will work to pursue attractive opportunities for development. Renewable energy could be an important part of Philadelphia’s long-term energy procurement hedging strategy, in addition to supporting carbon reduction.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

The City recently closed an RFP to select an Energy Services Company to support an Energy Performance Contract at the PMA, the largest gross energy user of all City-owned buildings. Led by the Energy Office and the facility staff of the PMA, with technical, procurement and administrative support from PEA, the project will move forward in tandem with PMA’s Frank Gehry-designed Core renovation project.