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Greenfield Gives the Gift of Clean Energy

Albert M. Greenfield School (Greenfield) delivered a $1,079 donation to the Philadelphia Energy Authority to help low- and moderate-income households go solar in Philadelphia. 

Students at Greenfield, Philadelphia Energy Authority’s youngest benefactors to date, selected solar energy as the focus of their Need in Deed project this year. They designed t-shirts with a solar-inspired graphic for sale with the proceeds going to the Philadelphia Energy Authority to support low- and moderate-income solar. 

Greenfield students understand first-hand the benefits of solar energy, as the school has a rooftop array of its own that helps generate clean electricity on site. Micah Gold-Markel, a parent at Greenfield and owner of Solar States, took a class of seventh graders up to the school’s roof for a hands-on solar experience. 

Seventh grade teacher, Brooke Silvers Cohen, facilitated a classroom debrief of what the students learned from their rooftop lesson. Alon Abramson, Director of Residential Programs, also visited the school to give an overview of PEA’s Solarize Program including how it works,  who it serves, and how the students’ donation will help support low- and moderate-income households going solar. 

The Philadelphia Energy Authority is grateful to the students of Greenfield for their generous donation and for demonstrating that supporting equitable solar in our community is an all-ages affair.

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