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About PowerCorpsPHL

PowerCorpsPHL (PCPHL) connects people to careers and advances community. PCPHL engages out-of-school or out-of-work 18- to 30-year-olds in an immersive, paid 4- to 24-month program that results in connection to living wage jobs in energy, green infrastructure, and community-based careers.

PCPHL specifically recruits young people most impacted by the city’s gun violence epidemic and lack of opportunities. To date, 92% of graduates transition to career pathway employment and justice-involved young people average an 8% one-year post-program recidivism rate compared to the citywide average of 45%.

Specifically, PowerCorpsPHL runs three programs and one social enterprise in Philadelphia and provides technical assistance to cities nationwide interested in adapting our model to their region.

Philadelphia initiatives include:

1. TRUST: an urban-farm-based healing initiative exclusively for justice-involved young adults and young adults vulnerable to gun violence. TRUST offers rolling enrollment and immediate income while engaging in work-readiness skill-building and therapeutic supports with the goal of preparing them to enter other PowerCorpsPHL programming or enter other employment.

2. Foundations: an AmeriCorps program engaging un- and under-employed young people in crewbased environmental and community-based projects. Foundations offers full-time work experience, professional development, supportive services, and career exploration with the goal of transitioning graduates into career-specific training or entry-level employment.

3. Career Training: industry-specific advanced training tracks in Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Urban Forestry, Solar, Masonry, Park Rangers, and Youth Work. Career Training on-the-job and classroom-based training is designed with employers and industry with the goal of transitioning graduates into career-track employment in the field.

4. Philadelphia Reforestation Hub: a first-of-its kind public-private-partnership model for wood waste capture and job skills training. Developed in partnership with Cambium Carbon, PCPHL operates a sawmill and lumber yard to give new life to fallen city trees, while providing jobs and career pathways for local residents.

Nationally, PCPHL provides technical assistance to three cities and several key national partners to design, seed, and expand the number of equity-focused, workforce development climate corps in the nation based on the model and learning of PowerCorpsPHL. This nascent work has resulted in:

  • the launch of the Environmental Justice Corps in Buffalo, NY in 2021
  • the launch of the Reading Climate Corps in Reading, PA in 2022
  • the launch of PowerCorpsBOS in Boston, MA in 2022
  • hundreds of hours of technical assistance to communities affiliated with the Delaware River Climate Corps initiative and member organizations of The Corps Network

Position Description

The PowerCorpsPHL Crew Leader is responsible for the daily leadership, direction, support and supervision of approximately 10-12 AmeriCorps members. The Crew Leader serve as a supervisor, motivator, leader, guide, role model, and mentor to the AmeriCorps members and is responsible for the crew’s overall service performance and safety. The Crew Leader is the primary point of contact for AmeriCorps members on their crew and reports to the Assistant Director of Culture & Climate.

Job Duties

  • Provide leadership and supervision to corps members, including:
    • Leading crew activities, discussions and reflections that create and maintain crew and program values, respectful interactions, and teamwork.
    • Empowering corps members throughout their term; supporting social and emotional growth and workforce development through formal and informal learning.
  • Holding corps members accountable to the expectations outlined in the Member Handbook.
  • Supporting corps member completion by communicating benchmarks and off-site service opportunities to corps members.
  • Conducting performance reviews of AmeriCorps members.
  • Collaborating with Supportive Services staff to address barriers to service completion, including physical, social and emotional well-being.
  • Collaborating with Workforce Development staff to support corps member’s post-service and workforce development plans.
  • Provide on-site project management and safety compliance, including:
    • Coordinating and collaborating with the Project Management Team to execute daily and/or weekly projects and work orders; including tool, equipment and material management and inventories and van usage.
    • Assigning, reviewing, and monitoring on-site schedules, tasks and responsibilities for corps members; serving alongside corps members as a model and active leader; starting and ending service on time.
    • Creating and maintaining a safe service and project environment; consistently monitoring all aspects of corps member safety including identification and removal of hazards, the mandatory use of personal protective equipment and recommendations for additional training; providing hands-on guidance as needed.
    • Knowing and enforcing all state laws (e.g. wearing seat belts), OSHA and program safety rules.
    • Reporting problems, schedule changes and other issues to the Project Manager and the appropriate City agency personnel.
    • Initiating communication for all service injuries and accidents as required by law; completing required paperwork in accordance with the worker’s compensation process.
  • Provide administrative support, including:
    • Coordinating and collaborating with the Data Team to execute the administrative requirements to maintain compliance in managing all AmeriCorps members terms of service.
    • Ensuring timesheets are completed accurately and timely; monitoring benchmarks.’
    • Assisting in completion and submission of AmeriCorps paperwork (enrollment, exit, evaluation, etc.)
    • Participating in the AmeriCorps member selection process.
    • Identifying corps member training needs and participating in and leading training sessions.
    • Attending program, staff, and community meetings and outreach events as required.
    • Responding to inquiries from staff, City agencies, and the public in a timely and courteous manner.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as required.


  • Minimum two years’ experience in youth workforce development or vocational education
  • High School diploma or GED required
  • Bachelor’s degree in human services, social work, education, environmental science or related field preferred
  • Experience in horticulture, land care management, Green Stormwater Infrastructure, or a related field preferred.
  • Ability to motivate and guide disconnected and disengaged youth and diffuse conflicts.
  • Knowledge of sustainability, landscaping, horticulture, and/or stormwater management principles
  • Strong work ethic and ability and desire to work outdoors in challenging conditions, including but not limited to, working in extremes of heat, cold or rain, and heavy lifting, bending, and carrying up to 50 lbs.
  • Experience with service-learning, AmeriCorps programming, and member management preferred.
  • Excellent interpersonal, presentation, and organizational skills.
  • Ability to adapt plans and be flexible on short notice and take initiative to problem-solve.
  • First AID/CPR Certification preferred.
  • Driver’s license, insurance and ability to drive a passenger van required.
  • Job Type: Full-time

Salary Range: $45,000.00 – $55,000.00 per year

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Commitment to the mission of PowerCorpsPHL
  • Ability to take ownership and drive responsibilities through to completion
  • Ability to establish and foster relationships with a diverse team
  • Demonstrated commitment to diversity and cross-cultural issues

Caring Relationships

  • Establish and foster, with diverse partners, positive relationships and open, informative and effective communication
  • Demonstrate high level of enthusiasm for and ability to convey the PowerCorpsPHL mission to internal and external stakeholders in a clear and compelling manner
  • Exercise sound judgment
  • Practice reflexivity in one’s work practice, vigilance in identifying errors and inaccuracies, and focus in performing highly detail-orientated tasks

Application of Skill and Learning

  • Actively pursues knowledge and information needed for both immediate tasks and larger picture understandings
  • Connects the “why” behind procedures/protocols and their implementation
  • Adapts in the moment based upon assessment of priorities and circumstances

Professionalism and Professional Development

  • Takes initiative to set their own work plan and schedule to reliably meet deadlines and provide thorough follow-through
  • Set clear direction and accountability for staff while offering opportunities to share resources, obtain professional development and advancement to reach goals and objectives
  • Provide clear communication and high level of organization to all staff, including sound written and oral communication skills
  • Present strong problem-solving processes
  • Commit to professional development to advance skill growth of serving urban youth

Cultural Competence and Inclusion

  • Promote inclusive behaviors and practices and equity among staff, setting high standards for open dialogue and problem solving
  • Excellent custom service with challenging and highly stressed customers

Adolescent Development and Empowerment

  • Commit to the advancement of urban youth, including staff development

Program Management

  • Evaluate program effectiveness and build capacity to develop systems and align resources to optimize success
  • Develop relationships and plans to advance the goals of the PowerCorpsPHL program

Please submit a resume and cover letter to with the subject line as “Position Title_Last Name” (ex. Support Services Advisor_Smith).

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