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Inspire is seeking a Regulatory Analyst to help unlock impactful, transformative innovations and support rapid, intelligent growth. As a Regulatory Analyst, you will work with Inspire’s head of Regulatory Strategy to uncover commercial opportunities, maintain multi-jurisdictional compliance, manage regulatory risk, track policy developments, and collaborate with teams across the business as a regulatory subject-matter expert. If you are driven by the hope that we can win the fight against climate change and are energized by the prospect of overhauling an outdated industry, join Inspire.


  1. Produce Actionable Analysis of Policy Developments: Track retail energy, energy management, and renewable energy regulatory and legal developments, and inform key stakeholders of commercial risks and opportunities.
  2. Be a Strategic Partner in Driving Market and Product Expansion: Assess regulatory requirements and risk for new markets and products; bring a solutions-oriented mindset when guiding the business through the regulatory landscape; manage the regulatory uncertainties inherent in being a first mover.  
  3. Manage Regulatory Risk: Partner with the sales team to ensure regulatory and legal risk is prudently controlled; own primary communications with regulatory bodies, providing accurate and timely responses to maintain Inspire’s good standing and the trust of regulators.
  4. Optimize & Redesign Regulatory Compliance: Take ownership of Inspire’s compliance program by building a deep understanding of varied, complex regulations and developing a repeatable process that ensures perfect performance, as well as an audit function to ensure compliance is maintained.


  • Develop a format and cadence for regular briefs on key energy and technology legal developments across all markets.
  • Research, summarize, and socialize regulatory requirements for a new market in a way that ensures all departments understand the relevant law and have the resources required for compliance.
  • Own a program that ensures marketing risk is adequately managed, all regulatory filings and notices are compliant and timely, and all regulatory obligations are met and maintained.


  • By the end of 2019, you have formalized a holistic set of compliance processes and are able to independently oversee the compliance program.
  • By the end of 2019, you will have developed strong, authentic relationships across multiple departments.
  • By the end of 2019, you will feel empowered to lead your own initiatives.


  • Passion – You care deeply about your work, recognizing the role it plays in accelerating the success of climate solutions.
  • Good Listener – In conversations with peers, you first always seek to understand using attentive listening and clarifying questions.
  • Meticulous – Details matter to you, leading to a low tolerance for errors.
  • Analytical – You approach complex questions rationally and methodically, leading to deep understanding and the ability to make thoughtful, evidence-based recommendations.
  • Can Disagree without Being Disagreeable – You are able to present and advocate for an opposing view collaboratively, instead of adversarially.


  • Must Have
    • Two or more years of post college work experience.
    • Driven, hardworking, with consistent follow-through.
    • Demonstrated ability to perform data-driven analyses.
    • Skilled at building and maintaining genuine interpersonal relationships.
  • Nice to Have
    • Retail energy experience.
    • Paralegal or related experience in a legal setting.
    • Competitive level of ping pong play.


Disrupting the one-size-fits-all utility model, Inspire’s groundbreaking smart home subscription seamlessly combines personalized clean energy plans with best-in-class smart devices. Using the Inspire app, members can self drive their smart homes from anywhere, and select automated settings to use less energy while earning rewards. Inspire strives to make every home a smart home, powered by clean energy. Inspire’s mission is to drive forward a brighter energy future by simplifying consumer adoption of clean energy and smart home technologies.

Through continual innovation and scaling of connected device interoperability; clean energy supply, generation and storage; and intelligent, decentralized grid services, Inspire is building the world’s first fully-integrated clean energy company.

Launched in January 2014, Inspire homes have used the clean power production equivalent of 121 wind turbines since inception. Driven by a team of mission-driven Avengers in Philadelphia and Santa Monica,, Inspire prides itself on a culture of ownership, teamwork and stalwart obsession with “crushing it!”


  • Inspire’s culture balances the serious nature and tone of a professional company with the move-fast-and-execute tone of a rapidly growing emerging tech company. We believe in working hard and producing, but doing it in a positive and friendly environment where collaboration is rampant. Inspire calls its employees Avengers. It’s a team out to even the score on behalf of the common man, to challenge the status quo and confront apathy and old-world bureaucracy.
  • Every Avenger lives for the mission: To build the world’s most customer-focused clean power platform and inspire a connected moment towards a brighter energy future. Avengers are scrappy, restless, humble and committed to balancing passion with purpose and profit.
  • Inspire offers competitive compensation and equity packages, plus benefits such as health, vision, life, and dental insurance – Not to mention, unlimited vacation, 401(k) plan, and LOTS of cupcakes!

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