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PEA 2021 Annual Report

We are excited to share the release of our 2021 Annual Report. The Philadelphia Energy Campaign launched in 2016 with the leadership of City Council President Darrell Clarke to leverage clean energy and energy efficiency investments to drive job creation in Philadelphia. Five years in, the Campaign is using energy not just as a tool to create living wage, family-sustaining jobs, but to address Philadelphia’s biggest challenges around public health, poverty, education, housing preservation, and neighborhood stabilization.

In 2021, PEA spurred $123.9M in clean energy investments and created 792 jobs. PEA remains on track to meeting its Energy Campaign goal of $1 billion in project investment and the creation of 10,000 jobs. Last year, PEA saw it’s largest deployment of capital, almost tripling prior years’ investments. Highlights include scaling of Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) projects at the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia C-PACE Program.

To view PEA’s full 2021 Annual Report, click here.

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