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Philadelphia Energy Authority is Seeking Nominations for its Board of Directors

Philadelphia Energy Authority is Seeking Nominations for its Board of Directors

Open: December 13, 2022

Closes: January 13, 2023, 12pm

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (“PEA”) is currently seeking nominees to its Board of Directors. Selected candidates will be recommended to Philadelphia City Council to fill an open seat appointed by City Council for a five-year team beginning on or around January 1, 2023 (beginning immediately upon appointment).

The deadline for receiving nominations is Friday, January 13, 2023 at 12:00pm. This notice contains information about PEA and the nomination process.

About PEA

PEA was created by Philadelphia City Council in 2010 under the PA Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, as amended, 53 Pa. C.S. § 5601 et seq, and its charter was amended by Council to expand its purposes in 2018 (Bill No. 181007). 

“The Authority’s purposes and responsibilities shall be limited to actions for and concerning 

  1. the development, facilitation and/or financing of energy storage and/or generation projects, 
  2. the development, facilitation and/or financing of energy efficiency projects, 
  3. the purchase or facilitation of energy supply and energy services on behalf of the City of Philadelphia, government agencies, institutions and businesses, as well as the education of consumers regarding choices available in the marketplace, and 
  4. the promotion of a vital clean energy sector of the Philadelphia economy and increased employment in the sector by undertaking efforts to strengthen the markets for energy efficiency and energy storage and generation projects. 

The Authority shall have and may exercise all of the powers set forth in the Act that are necessary or convenient for carrying out its purposes and responsibilities.”

In 2016, with the leadership of City Council President Darrell Clarke, PEA launched the Philadelphia Energy Campaign, a commitment to invest $1 billion in energy efficiency and clean energy projects to create 10,000 jobs.  The Energy Campaign supports projects in City buildings and infrastructure, the School District of Philadelphia, other institutional infrastructure, Small Businesses, Commercial and Industrial buildings and the Residential sector. Through Calendar Year 2021, PEA has supported over $291 million in projects, creating 2,505 jobs.

PEA supports various City projects, such as the $12MM energy performance contract for efficiency at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the City’s 70MW solar power purchase agreement, Adams Solar, and the ongoing citywide streetlighting conversion, which will replace all 140,000 streetlights with energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs. PEA will also be issuing bonds for that project and others. PEA provides technical assistance and support to the School District of Philadelphia for its Guaranteed Energy Savings projects, solar and energy procurement. PEA is the Philadelphia administrator for the Commercial Property-Assessed Clean Energy financing program (CPACE), which has facilitated over $70MM in projects to date. PEA runs Built to Last, a low-income home restoration program that coordinates, layers and supplements existing home repair and efficiency programs to preserve safe, healthy, affordable housing.

In 2021, PEA launched the Philadelphia Green Capital Corp, a 501(c)3 green bank focused on providing scalable financing tools to support the development of an equitable clean energy economy in Philadelphia.

PEA’s Board of Directors

PEA’s board has seven members serving staggered five-year terms. Five members are appointed by the mayor and two members are appointed by City Council. Currently, one Council-appointed seat will become vacant beginning on or around January 1, 2023. Board members meet quarterly in a public forum, including at an annual meeting during which officers are elected. Board officers include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (with Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer optional). All members serve on one or more of the Board’s four committees: Contracting, Nominations & Governance, Development and Audit & Personnel, which have variable meeting schedules, no more than three times per year. The board meets between quarterly meetings as appropriate for technical or strategy briefings, during which no deliberation occurs.

PEA’s board provides strategic insight and support, approves major contracts and budgets, ensures appropriate oversight of procurement, governance, financial systems and practices, and personnel issues, and provides technical expertise on policy and project topics. 

More information can be found on PEA here and in our bylaws here.

Board Selection Criteria

In order to qualify to serve on PEA’s board, candidates must, per the Municipality Authorities Act, be a taxpayer in, maintain a business in or be a citizen of Philadelphia.

Candidates for nomination to the Board will be evaluated by PEA’s CEO and referred to PEA’s Nominating and Governance Committee. All or some of following selection criteria may be utilized:

  • Demonstrated interest and experience in energy, utilities, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy contracting and/or advanced clean energy technologies and applications
  • Demonstrated interest and lived or professional experience in Philadelphia public policy issues
  • Knowledge and expertise in the financial structuring of clean energy projects
  • Knowledge and expertise about emerging clean energy market opportunities
  • Knowledge and expertise about public policy issues supportive of PEA’s mission
  • Board experience including committee leadership and officer roles, particularly as Treasurer
  • Technical expertise in the energy industry and/or expertise in fundraising, federal funding or government operations

Nomination Process

To nominate someone (including oneself), submit a letter of interest and resume to Emily Schapira, President and CEO, at with the subject line “PEA Board Nomination – YOUR NAME”. Phone calls will not be accepted.

The CEO and relevant committee members may request additional information and will schedule interviews as appropriate. PEA will make recommendations to City Council for their consideration.

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