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Philadelphia Energy Authority Reaches 500 Solar Contracts, Extends Solarize Philly Sign Up Deadline to October 31st

Philadelphia, October 2, 2019 – The 500th Philadelphian has signed a contract for a discounted solar installation through Solarize Philly, a citywide program to help all Philadelphians go solar. Today, PEA announced this milestone and extended the sign-up deadline to October 31st. All interested homeowners and businesses can continue to sign up for a free solar assessment at Since the launch of the Solarize Philly in 2017, PEA has received more than 6,000 sign-ups, and Philadelphia emerged as one of the fastest growing solar markets in the country.

The City of Philadelphia recently established a new Solar Incentive Program to incentivize solar installations in Philadelphia. The City will begin accepting applications in January 2020 for a rebate of $0.20/watt for residential and $0.10/watt for commercial installations. This landmark policy positions Philadelphia as a national leader and means that the average household would receive $1,000 from the city after installing solar at their home. All projects installed after July 1, 2019 will be eligible to apply.

“2019 is the year to go solar,” said PEA Solar Manager, Laura Rigell. “I encourage all Philadelphia homeowners and businesses to sign up now to see how you can take advantage of the largest set of incentives ever available for solar in Philadelphia.”

Solarize Philly is a citywide program to help Philadelphians go solar. Any homeowner and business in the city can sign up at The Philadelphia Energy Authority administers Solarize Philly as part of City Council’s $1 billion Philadelphia Energy Campaign, which seeks to advance energy efficiency and clean energy in buildings across the City, collect significant cost savings for property owners and taxpayers, and create 10,000 jobs over 10 years. PEA is an independent office created by City Council to further clean and affordable energy goals.


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