City of Philadelphia’s RFP for a Philadelphia Gas Works Business Diversification Study

The City of Philadelphia is seeking proposals to develop a business diversification study for its municipally owned gas utility, Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW). PGW has been experiencing a decrease in customers and usage for decades due to appliance efficiencies and conservation efforts, and warming weather patterns have also contributed to demand reductions. These issues will only intensify as temperatures are projected to continue to rise in the future and new policies may restrict the production of greenhouse gases. As a gas-only utility, PGW, and the City as its owner, need to understand how the utility can provide necessary services in a lower-carbon future while simultaneously thriving financially and retaining its 1,600-person workforce.

The City and PGW are interested in developing a business diversification study that provides a range of economically, and environmentally sustainable pathways for the utility to consider pursuing. Along with anticipated carbon emissions reductions, the study should also present the financial, regulatory and technological viability of each pathway.

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