New Request for Proposals: Job Creation Tracking Methodology

The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) is seeking proposals from qualified consultant teams
to perform a review of the underlying economic components of a recently launched initiative, the Philadelphia Energy Campaign (the “Campaign”). The purpose of this review is to provide
critical analysis of the methodologies incorporated in the report supporting that Campaign and of the job creation estimates, to discuss the findings of the review at a meeting with the PEA and to provide a memorandum of the pertinent findings of the review. Most importantly, the
consultant team will develop a methodology to track job creation numbers throughout the course of the Campaign. Our goal is to keep this as straightforward as possible, rooted in real data with transparent assumptions.

This RFP is open as of August 25, 2016. All proposals must be submitted by 5pm ET on Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Complete instructions can be found below. Proposals that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

PEA_RFP job creation tracking methodology INSTRUCTIONS

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