Philadelphia Energy Authority RFI: Ideas for Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Implementation

PEA is seeking innovative ideas for virtual power plant (VPP) implementation including technology solutions, implementation best practices, financial structures, and program structures. Respondents may submit either (i) a comprehensive proposal for the structure and elements of a VPP or (ii) a complete, turnkey component of a VPP that they are most qualified to provide. The goal is to determine how the PEA, as a municipal authority, can promote and deploy VPP technologies in Philadelphia while advancing energy affordability, and serve as a national model for the deployment of VPPs by non-load serving entities in urban and other underserved areas. 

The primary purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to seek suggestions from a wide range of providers of technology and services that will be necessary or useful components of the VPP including:

  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER).
  • Energy storage systems.
  • Energy efficiency and smart building technologies that lead to reduced and controllable consumption, including building controllers. 
  • Smart appliances.
  • EV Charging stations. 
  • Retail energy providers and transactive energy pricing technology providers.
  • Aggregators that can manage VPP assets for delivery of services to the grid. 
  • Financing organizations that may support either the technology providers or the VPP Customers in financing adoption of VPP assets.
  • Marketing strategies to enroll customers in the program.  
  • Research organizations, and other relevant entities to provide PEA with information regarding technology, marketing, and service delivery solutions and implementation best practices.

The PEA hopes to use this information to develop a service contract opportunity for testing or piloting VPP and/or DER and smart building technologies in Philadelphia, other areas of Pennsylvania, and in partnership with other cities and municipalities interested in pursuing VPP technologies.

Submission Deadline: Respondents must submit their Responses electronically to: Philadelphia Energy Authority at and include “VPP RFI – [Firm Name]” in the email subject line no later than Monday, December 19, 2022.


PEA RFI VPP Q&A – 11/28/2022

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