Philadelphia Energy Authority RFP: Housing Retrofit Service Providers for the Built to Last Program

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) is to solicit pricing proposals from housing retrofit service providers (“Contractor”) who can deliver professional services for the Philadelphia Energy Authority’s Built to Last (BTL) program. These services include:

  • (optional) support BTL participant intake by collecting participant application information and necessary documentation to provide to the BTL case manager for final review and processing,
  • conduct a comprehensive home basic systems, energy, and health assessment of each BTL participant home,
  • in consultation with BTL Team Members, compile a comprehensive scope of work for home improvements based on Contractor’s comprehensive home assessment and which incorporates the services supplied by BTL Team Members,
  • coordinate with BTL Team Members to determine which BTL Team Members will complete which scope elements and the optimal sequence for completing repairs and improvements,
  • provide scheduling services to assure coordination of BTL Team Member services,
  • provide progress inspections, final inspection, and homeowner walk-through.

Respondents may note whether they are unable to provide any of these services in their response. Some projects may not require all the above services.

Intent to Respond: Respondents are strongly encouraged to submit a statement of your Intent to Respond to with the subject “Built to Last RFP Intent to Respond – [Firm Name]” by 5pm EST on Friday, October 21, 2022.

Submission Deadline: Respondents to this RFP must submit an electronic version of all requested documents by email to with the subject “Built to Last RFP Response – [Firm Name]” no later than 5pm on Friday November 11, 2022.

All RFP documents can be downloaded below:

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