Philadelphia Water Department’s RFI: Renewable Natural Gas Development at Wastewater Pollution Control Plants

The PEA on behalf of the Philadelphia Water Department (“PWD” or “Department”) invites interested parties to respond to this Request for Information (“RFI”) with information regarding program and/or project structures that would make renewable natural gas (“RNG”) development feasible for the Department. The Department and the COP are also requesting information regarding projects developed with similarly sized governments or institutions.

Many RNG development projects currently exist in the marketplace. PWD is looking for information from manufacturers, research institutions, utilities, and other relevant organizations regarding their technology solutions, business models, and implementation best practices.

Information provided by Respondents may help to develop a potential future contract opportunity. This RFI will also help PWD to identify interest in such a potential contract opportunity.

Responses to this RFI are considered non-binding and are used to assist PWD in performing information gathering for planning purposes. Responses to this RFI could help shape potential future contract opportunities. Responding to the RFI is not a requirement for participation in potential future offerings, nor does it preclude an application from participating in a potential future opportunity.

Submission Deadline: 

All questions concerning this RFI must be submitted via email no later than 5 pm, Philadelphia, PA local time on Friday, January 27, 2023

The Response deadline to this RFI has been extended to Friday April 14

Biogas_Resource Recovery Partnerships RFI FINAL

PEA RFI RNG Q&A – 2/17/2023 ; updated 2/21/2023


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