Request for Proposals for Construction and Guaranteed Savings Agreement for the Curtis Institute of Music

This RFP seeks proposals from qualified energy service companies (each a “Respondent”) for a construction  and  guaranteed  savings  agreement  (“CGSA”),  a  form  of  which  is  attached   as Appendix A The CGSA sets forth requests for the identification and installation of measures for the conservation of energy and water and reduction of wastewater (“CMs”) on the property (the “[Premises/Campus]”) of the Owner at 1726 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. This RFP further seeks proposals for a request for qualified construction management/general contractor (“CM/GC”) services for several fixed scope improvements unlikely to deliver energy or water savings (“Fixed Scope”), described in Appendix A.

The successful Respondent will be required under the CGSA to conduct an investment grade audit (“IGA”) of five buildings [and shared energy management equipment] located on the [Premises/Campus]. The buildings [and other locations] on the [Premises/Campus] to be evaluated in the IGA (the “Sites”) are identified in Appendix B. The IGA is to identify CMs that meet the Owner’s objectives and that taken together are self-funding – the metered savings for reductions in energy, water and wastewater will be greater in each year than the financing cost of constructing the CMs amortized over the term of the CGSA.

When the Owner and the successful Respondent have agreed on the CMs and the Fixed Scope and the construction price for the CMs and the Fixed Scope to be installed under the CGSA [and subject to completion of construction financing arranged by the Owner]. The successful Respondent will construct the CMs and the Fixed Scope on the schedule set forth in the CGSA. Following completion of construction, the successful Respondent will conduct monitoring and verification activities in accordance with the CGSA and will guarantee achievement of savings such that the CMs taken together are self-funding. The Fixed Scope is subject to standard construction acceptance criteria. The term of the CGSA will be consistent with the expected useful life of the CMs[, but not to exceed 20 years].

Responses to the RFI must be submitted by November 6, 2019 before 5:00 PM (Local Philadelphia Time)



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