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Solarize Philly Video Stories Competition 2021

Theme: Be A Solar Hero For Your Community

Share your unique Solarize Philly story to inspire your neighbors to follow your lead! Submit a 2-3-minute video clip and tell us what inspired you to go solar. You can include the following in your story:

  • Why you went solar
  • Your experience with the installation process
  • The impact of going solar (for example, changes to your electric bill)
  • Message to your neighbors

Video Submission Guidelines

  • Aim to keep your video clip at 2-3 minutes
  • Be sure to film the video clip horizontally or in landscape mode
  • Make sure the audio is clear with no background noise

To submit your entry for the competition, click here.

Top submissions will receive prizes sponsored by PECO. The winning video story may be featured on PEA and Solarize Philly websites and social media.

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