Solarize Philly Art Competition 2021

Theme: Create, Design and Resolve Competition Category #1: Creators Recommended Age: 5-8 years old Look around, get inspired! Create a drawing or a collage using materials (newspapers, household items, magazines, cardboard) in your home to show the benefits of solar energy. Competition Category #2: Designers Recommended Age: 9-13 years old Your future, Your turn! Create […]

Eyeing COVID Recovery, Philadelphia Launches New Tools for Multifamily Energy Projects PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Energy Authority (PEA) today announced the launch of two new financing tools to accelerate clean energy investment in multifamily housing and non-profit properties, which will reduce utility bills for tenants and owners, and create jobs for Philadelphians. “Practical, economical investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in multifamily properties can save upwards of […]

SRECs and Monitoring 101 Webinar

On Wednesday, March 10th, Solarize Philly held a webinar on managing Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and monitoring solar PV systems. Solarize Philly was joined by Ron Celentano from Celentano Energy Services and Niamh McCrohan from Solar States.  A Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) is an attribute that represents 1,000 kWh of electricity generated by […]

PEA Hosts Multifamily Housing Green Retrofit Workshop

On November 23rd the Philadelphia Energy Authority held a Multifamily Housing Green Retrofit Accelerator Workshop with BlocPower, Inclusive Prosperity Capital, Philadelphia service providers, and property owners. BlocPower and Inclusive Prosperity Capital joined PEA to debut and demo new tools soon to be available in Philadelphia to assist property owners in designing, financing, and implementing energy […]