Philadelphia C-PACE Program Guidelines

Instruction Manual for Property Owners, Capital Providers, Contractors and other C-PACE participants

Program: Commercial PACE

Philadelphia C-PACE Pre-Application

To be submitted early in the project development process to verify property and project eligibility

Program: Commercial PACE

Philadelphia C-PACE Final Application

To be submitted after project development and financing are nearly complete

Program: Commercial PACE

Statement of Levy and Lien Agreement

Four-party agreement facilitating the C-PACE special assessment and lien placement which must be signed prior to closing a C-PACE Financing

Program: Commercial PACE

Mortgage / Lien Holder Consent Form

Template form for the lienholder consent that is required for all C-PACE financings

Program: Commercial PACE

Intergovernmental C-PACE Agreement

Contract between PEA and the City of Philadelphia describing PEA’s duties as Program Administrator and the City’s duties with respect to the C-PACE program

Program: Commercial PACE

Philadelphia Energy Campaign 2018 Annual Report – Year 2 Update

PEA 2018 annual report celebrates $100+ million in projects launched in the first two years of the Philadelphia Energy Campaign and nearly 1000 jobs created.

Program: Philadelphia Energy Campaign

Solarize Philly Phase 2

This one-pager shows the results of Solarize Philly through Phase 2

Program: Residential