Request for Proposals for Construction and Guaranteed Savings Agreement for the Curtis Institute of Music

This RFP seeks proposals from qualified energy service companies (each a “Respondent”) for a construction  and  guaranteed  savings  agreement  (“CGSA”),  a  form  of  which  is  attached   as Appendix A The CGSA sets forth requests for the identification and installation of measures for the conservation of energy and water and reduction of wastewater (“CMs”) on the […]

Request for Information for Photovoltaic Renewable Energy System Potential at Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE)

The City of Philadelphia (“City”) is investigating the costs and benefits of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Renewable Energy System and/or Plant, as defined by the PA Public Utility Commission (“PUC”), for the Commerce Department Division of Aviation’s (“Aviation”) Northeast Philadelphia Airport (“PNE”). Through this effort, the City ultimately seeks to confirm the financial and physical […]